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I’m Ben, and being a Teacher is in my DNA.

Ben The Teacher

From an early age, I felt a profound calling to pursue a career in teaching, and this unwavering passion has shaped my entire life’s journey.

It all began by assisting individuals with Down Syndrome (Learn more) and dedicating my time to meaningful organizations like the Special Olympics and the Buddy Club at the Jewish Community Center. As I further immersed myself in the field, I also took on the role of a soccer coach with AYSO, nurturing my experience working with children.

Upon completing my education at the esteemed College of Education at Florida International University, I embarked on a fulfilling path as a classroom teacher, accumulating nearly 25 years of invaluable experience in both Miami, Florida, and Los Angeles, California. While I temporarily left the conventional classroom setting in 2012, my unwavering dedication to education continued to propel me forward.

In 2014, a fortunate turn of events led me to the realm of homeschooling, opening up an entirely new direction for me to explore.

Presently, I have the privilege of working with a diverse range of students, including those who are homeschooled as well as those attending full-time public or private schools.

My role involves providing essential remedial support, offering enriching opportunities, and guiding students in honing the crucial skill of critical thinking.

Drawing upon my extensive experience and expertise, I am able to offer personalized support and guidance to both students and their families, with an unwavering commitment to helping each individual reach their fullest potential.

-Ben Golburgh Director, StudyBuddy Consulting & Education Ctr.
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